Do You Need A Website?

Do you produce or sell a product? Do you provide a service? No matter how small your operation is today you very likely need a website. Even if you enjoy meeting and talking with your customers face to face or over the phone, they may prefer to get their questions answered on their own time and in their own way.

Finding New Ways To Connect

Take me, for an example. I’m an introvert. Social connections wear me out. I need quiet and space to recharge. Like the majority of internet users today, I will ALWAYS research online first to find out what my options are, what I should expect to pay, whether or not I can do it myself, and who can provide the service or product I want. By the time I contact the provider or store, I’m already a very well informed customer.

Why do you have a telephone? Is it so people can call and find out about your services, locations, business hours, and price check? The vast majority of adults today use the internet and business websites to do all those things and more – all without calling your century old technology, the telephone. Now, I’m not suggesting that you get rid of your telephone. I’m saying that you probably need to add a new way that so many your (potential) customers and clients would prefer to use.

So Many Questions

So maybe by now you see the business need for getting a website. I’m sure you’re thinking , okay, what’s this going to cost? and who’s going to keep it updated, because I don’t have the time or knowledge! Those are good questions and not too difficult to answer. We’ll tackle the cost in a future post, but for now I’m confident that it’ll be less than you’re probably thinking. Regarding the question of who’ll keep it updated? We’ll make it easy for you to edit your information yourself. If you really want someone else to edit content and add or remove products, we have a cost effective solution for that too.