Finding My Sweet Spot

Hi, I’m Brad. I’m re-launching my web consulting business after a few years of quietness because I want to live in my sweet spot. What’s a sweet spot? There’s a few definitions, but the one I like best goes something like this: Your Sweet Spot is where your talents and abilities overlap your interests while meeting a need in the marketplace. A couple of books that have really impacted me on this topic have been Max Lucado’s book: Cure for the Common Life: Living in Your Sweet Spot and Ken Coleman’s book: One Question: Life-Changing Answers from Today’s Leading Voices. My sweet spot includes Learning, Sharing, Building, and Celebrating.


I really enjoy learning about new technologies that meet the needs of small business. So much has changed since I first started creating web pages and building web sites in the late 90’s. It used to be esoteric languages and groups of technologies that were required to code a web page, create the images, and a good bit of money to set up a hosting server that was connected to the internet. Now, if you have a bit of creativity, the time, and the desire, it can be done for free or nearly free. Who woulda thought?


I like to share what I learn with others. My dad was an elementary school teacher for 40 years, so I’m well versed in the ways of teaching, learning, coaching, and leading others. I like being able to take a complex concept with lots of acronyms and restate it in a language the end user can grasp. It’s not super difficult to learn, but most people don’t need to (or want to) learn technology to the depth that practitioners need to in order to accomplish our goals.


I like building things. One thing I’ve noticed other the years is that I like doing things that have a visual completion. I like doing things like mowing and edging the lawn – and then resting with an iced tea or coffee and seeing the difference I made to beautify the yard. Sometimes before building you have to tear down the old; old wallpaper comes off before texture and paint go on, last decades web content needs reviewed and rewritten before it gets submitted to the new website.


Success is worth celebrating. Everyone needs to be encouraged to keep achieving and moving forward. I believe we need to celebrate goals that are met, milestones that are achieved, and projects that are completed. I haven’t done enough of this in the past with myself or with those around me – and I know that it has affected my outlook on life. I’m committing to celebrate successes around me every day.